About Us

Talent Solutions Caribbean aims to help people build meaningful careers by providing various solutions including training, career coaching and other platforms to connect and showcase individual talents and skills.

Today’s knowledge economy requires workers to have a unique set of competencies to be successful and to also meet the needs of organizations.

Our mission at Talent Solutions Caribbean is to develop, cultivate and leverage  people’s talents to maximize potential at every stage of the career journey.

We are focused on developing talent that is ready to meet the demands of the modern organization, realize greater on the job success and be work ready. From job search to career development, we want to help you grow your potential so your career & life can be elevated to the next level.

We know that the nature of work is evolving and will likely continue to do so in the near future. Hence, our programs are designed to redefine your skills & talent for the new world of work so you are able to better position yourself for the future.

Our goal is to:

  • Educate and equip people with the most in demand skills needed by organizations through creative learning experiences.
  • Build a pipeline of talent who are ready to meet the demands of the ever changing workforce.
  • Provide innovative solutions to make talent ready and easily available for recruiting/sourcing.

Our Founder:

Ms. Kedia Daniel is the Founder and CEO of Talent Solutions Caribbean with experience spanning over twelve years in the field of Human Resources Management. As a certified Human Capital Strategist, Kedia is passionate about maximizing, engaging and developing talent to it’s fullest potential.   Through her career journey, Kedia has recognized that increasingly persons are entering the workforce with little knowledge of what fundamental skills are required to be successful in the workplace. In addition, due to the changing landscape of the workplace, some skills are fast becoming obsolete. Talent Solutions Caribbean was founded by Kedia to help equip others with the skills, attitude and mindset required to be a driving force in today’s modern workplace. 

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