Contemporary Resume Writing Tips

The days of creating resumes with just a listing of the positions which we’ve held during our work life history are gone and non-existent. Times are radically changing and the practice of using one standard type of resume for every job that you apply to, are a thing of the past. A resume is still very much, one of the most significant component of your job search process.

Successful resumes are the ones which are targeted specifically to the job being applied to and can show actual evidence of past related work accomplishments. Simply stating position titles and job responsibilities, does not demonstrate your ability as a candidate to achieve results. The pace of business continues to increase rapidly and so employers are looking for persons who can either show proof  that you have been there and done that, or have the skills which can help them solve their existing problems. Prospective employers must be able to gather information on the possible value you will be adding to their business after reviewing your resume.

If you’re like most persons, you’re probably still either using the traditional chronological resume or worse have a resume which has not been updated in years. It’s time to bring it up to date and in so doing, improve your professional brand.

So let’s take a look at two modern-day approaches to resume writing. The type you use of course will be dependent on what stage you are in your career journey.

Achievement-Based Resume

In this type of resume, the focus is on past related accomplishments supported by data or evidence, demonstrating proof of your ability to do the job and the outcomes which you have been able to deliver in various aspects of the job. This type of resume is best for persons who have current related experience to the job or handled projects similar in nature in their past work experiences. In this format, you will need to summarize your achievements into brief statements highlighting the key areas.

Skills Based Resume

On the other hand, for persons without the current applicable experience or work history, a better approach may be a skills-based resume. The focal point of this type of resume is to emphasize the skills which will help an employer find solutions to the challenges they may be facing. All work experience listed on the resume should be in support of the skills listed and the value which it will be adding to the job being applied for. With this type of resume the emphasis is on the abilities you will be bringing to the table that will help propel the business forward.

Both of the two approaches are excellent ways of marketing why you would be an excellent fit for the job. Irrespective of what type of resume you choose, it should be a strong indicator of who you are and what you bring to the table. It all comes down to how you package and present yourself and in every instance you should come through shining.

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